Vacationers are ditching the big city to discover the no-frills offerings of a highly unlikely 24–7 hot spot.

4B is a kind-of-one party. (Photo by Yourmanstan at English Wikipedia (CC BY 3.0))

Until recently, this hamlet was known primarily as a bedroom community. However, instability from global health macrotrends and the vagaries of the nation’s strongman have led to a hyper-local movement that rediscovers joy in the quotidian. The infrastructure is infamously a work in progress, but the locals don’t seem to mind and are endearingly attached to their customs and idiosyncrasies. In these diminutive environs, you can discover a wealth of culture, try cuisine you literally can’t find anywhere else, and laugh — and most certainly cry — just like a local.


In 4B, the attitude isn’t so much work to…

A list in ranked list form

Photo by jeffreyw (CC BY 2.0)

14. Spuckie

13. Poor boy

12. Torpedo

11. Grinder

10. Italian

9. Bomber

8. Wedge

7. Zeppelin

6. Blimpie

5. Hero

4. Po’ boy

3. Hoagie

2. Banh mi

1. Sub

A list of struggles in list format

Photo by Rhododendrites (CC BY-SA 4.0)

62. Hot subway smell (non-urine)

61. When someone shows up with sub-par bagels (almost exclusively found at office meetings)

60. The bittersweet knowledge that any new/renovated transit station will soon be covered in the black pox of discarded gum

59. Wayward frisbees in the park

58. Subway smell (urine)

57. Cyclists riding on the sidewalk (children)

56. Subway delays (minor, cause unknown)

55. Slow walkers (no phone)

54. Out-of-town relatives who don’t understand why a five-mile work commute takes 45 minutes (“It takes me 20 minutes to get to my office 30 miles away.”)

53. Wayward children on scooters


A list in list format

40. orzo

39. macaroni

38. anelli

37. manicotti

36. ziti

35. cannelloni

34. linguini

33. calamarata

32. gnocchi (non-dumpling)

31. fregula

30. farfalle

29. cavatappi

28. vermicelli

27. paccheri

26. fiori

25. rotelle

24. lasagna

23. fettuccine

22. quadrefiore

21. radiatori

20. agnalotti

19. mezzeluna

18. penne

17. capellini

16. mafalde

15. busiate

14. ravioli

13. agnolotti

12. tortellini

11. rigatoni

10. fusilli

9. maltagliati

8. tortelloni

7. gemelli

6. cavatelli

5. spaghetti

4. bucatini

3. orecchiette

2. pappardelle

  1. tagliatelle

Dane A. Wisher lives in Brooklyn.

An objectively subjective list

The songs listed below are in the embedded playlist at the bottom.

100. The Vaughns — “Santa Cruz”
099. Charly Bliss — “Percolator”
098. Will Stratton — “Manzanita”
097. Argonaut & Wasp — “Paradise”
096. Nackt — “Rising Tide”
095. Roosevelt — “Teardrops”
094. The Juan Maclean — “The Brighter the Light”
093. Mr. Husband — “Riding a Lightning Bolt”
092. Khalid — “Shot Down”
091. Baba Stiltz — “Can’t Help It”
090. Matthew Dear — “Modafinil Blues”
089. The Horrors — “Machine”
088. Broen — “You (Detective)”
087. Everything Everything — “Can’t Do”
086. GoldLink ft. Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy — “Crew”
085. Horse Lords ft. Abdu Ali — “Stay On It”

A list in ranked list form

21. -

20. ‘ ’

19. –

18. \

17. ?

16. ,

15. [ ]

14. |

13. « »

12. “ ”

11. ( )

10. { }

9. /

8. ;

7. !

6. :

5. ⸮

4. .

3. ‽

2. . . .

Dane A. Wisher is based in Brooklyn.

Grade inflation on the New York subway (The Subway Chronicle)

Following over a week of personal and work travel, it’s my first day back on the commute and it is, miraculously, the first day I can remember in a while in which none of the four trains I take every day are delayed at all. The walk to the subway is cool (for August) and bracing (for a morning walk to the L). Bushwick straphangers from the westbound L ooze up the stairs at Bedford into the proto-fall morning. Most everyone is dressed in what Southern and Midwestern hipsters will eventually be wearing in six to eight years. They look…

But why?

Photo by K. Ivoutin (CC BY 2.0)

Dane A. Wisher is based in Brooklyn.

Decline and fall

Photo by David Iliff (CC BY-SA 4.0)
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  • The alt-left isn’t a real thing, but the term was coined by bitter Clintonians who couldn’t possibly understand why their historically unpopular candidate wasn’t being apotheosized by adoring throngs on the left. Like most of the condescending rhetoric bandied about by Clinton diehards, it didn’t endear them to a wider audience. (The Washington Post)
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center has a handy interactive map to keep track of the hate groups near you!
  • Also from SPLC — and also handy for silencing family members ranting at…

Some days are more equal than others

7. Tuesday
6. Monday
5. Wednesday
4. Sunday
3. Thursday
2. Saturday
1. Friday

Dane A. Wisher is based in Brooklyn.

Dane A. Wisher

Brooklyner and native New Jerseyan

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