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First, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe, protected from the epidemic and that you are all healthy. The Daneel team necessarily supports all those who are mobilized to fight this epidemic and continue to keep the global economy moving in these difficult times.

Secondly, in these very complicated times from time immemorial,, we would like to share some of the reasons why we have been so quiet with our announcement channel during the last few months. …

It is a great reward that we received at the beginning of this year, indeed, the Ministry of Economy and Finance recognizes that our company offers an innovative service that combines an atypical sector, cryptocurrencies, and a unique technology in the field of AI.

This certification should open doors for us in our search for funding. France is investing more and more in innovation, particularly in projects involving the Blockchain.

We delisted DAN from the Bancor network in order to protect the price from declining

As you probably know, the Bancor protocol introduced a new standard for enabling liquidity between tokens through a network of interconnected smart contracts. …

We will present Daneel at the “Blockchain & Friends” today, Tuesday 26 November, alongside IBM, SNCF, Ipocamp, and BTU Protocol. The event is organized by the 50A agency in Paris.

Blockchain & Friends brings together projects primarily of buddies working on key account issues or ambitious start-ups. The objective is to federate an ecosystem that will accelerate the adoption of this technological base. A summary of the event will follow soon.

Exchange Update — Liquidity supply

We will inject liquidity back into the Bit4you exchange by selling a batch of DAN from our reserve to our partners. …

Kryll.io, the automated crypto trading strategies platform, and Daneel.io, an artificial intelligence that allows to have the purified topicality of the Blockchain ecosystem, are pleased to announce their partnership.

A casual crypto-investor is flooded with stories, statistics, and opinions produced every second across a variety of digital platforms from major news outlets and independent magazines, through blogs and forums, to social networks and private chats. There are about more than 1 million tweets a day, 250,000 comments on specialized forums, 500 daily articles in the press not to mention the countless discussion groups on Facebook and Telegram.

As a result…

The NEM.io Foundation, part of the larger NEM ecosystem project, which is one of the largest capitalized cryptocurrencies, has teamed up with Daneel. No less than 300,000 users will benefit from this partnership thanks to the integration of the Daneel widget into the NEM ecosystem. The partnership will also mark the launch of the Daneel Pro version that allows the most data-hungry users access to a web terminal with all of Daneel’s features.

What is the NEM Foundation?

The NEM Foundation’s goal is to introduce, educate, and promote the use of the NEM blockchain technology platform on an international scale to all industries and institutions…

Through the past months, Daneel has been in contact with various type of actors related to the cryptocurrency sector such as hedge funds, banks, blockchain startups, and exchanges. Thanks to our discussion, we have been able to encounter special needs among our potential customers and have decided to focus our future development on exchanges.

The exchange industry is highly competitive having hundreds of actors where the customers’ transfer cost is low and major actors catch the main part of the value.

Therefore, there is a clear need for differentiation among exchanges and particularly small exchanges. With our various insights regarding…

Following our first article about this topic, we would like to take a look at the hot news of the moment to explain how and why Daneel works with banks and investment funds. Moreover, what Daneel brings to them on a daily basis to advance serenely in the crypto-world. We will also present you the pro terminal that will be used for market monitoring. And just to keep you on your toes, we can already tell you that we will be announcing a major partnership in the coming weeks! Stay tuned ;).

Banks and “Crypto investment”

To use the headlines of the last few…

Daneel objective is to keep investors and traders updated about cryptocurrencies’ actuality, hence we created a mobile application to allow our users to access news directly on their phone. In our quest for convenience, we have also decided to make Daneel data compatible with Apple Watch. From now, you will be able to check the top news directly on your wrist in a glance as well as reading the content. You will be able to see current prices, their variation, and way more!

You can jog and monitor the price of the cryptocurrencies in your portfolio, isn't that great? …

Every time the Bitcoin suffers a significant loss, a unanimous voice rises from social networks to point the finger at the person responsible: the whales. A single sale order from rich Bitcoin holders would be enough to bring down the market. The latter would then take advantage of this opportunity to buy back at little cost the bitcoins liquidated in panic by the small holders. In other words: price manipulation. Some specialists mention the possibility that several of these puppeteers would agree on the right moment. We have here all the ingredients of a crypto conspiracy.

Instead of talking about…

The price of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, has always faced high volatility, many pro or amateur traders try to predict a future rise or fall but it is often a risky bet as prices only do as they please. Others say that the solution is in the A.I! Because it could calculate an estimate close to reality based on observation. This is the bet we take because we think it is the most rational and efficient….

Price Prediction: we left this feature aside for a while because we considered that our algorithms were not yet optimal enough. But behind…

Daneel Assistant

Crypto Market Data Monitoring: https://daneel.io

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