Daneel ICO: Progress so Far (week 1)

Firstly, a heartfelt “thank you!” to all the contributors, and everyone who joined the whitelist and grabbed their DAN tokens during the sale. We’ve reached our soft cap within 2 hours. We’ve sold 8 million DAN within the first week of our ICO and people from more than 164 countries (a special Gazua! For our Korean Community) have participated at the moment. We remind you that there is still nearly a month to go.

We were fully aware that embarking on an ICO meant expecting the unexpected. Indeed, we did run into unplanned issues with our suppliers Coinpayments.net (ETH wallet maintenance) and Paypal (payment limit reduced without warning due to possible new rules on ICOs). Importantly, all technical issues have now been resolved (Paypal is no longer available as a payment method).

Additionally, the current market conditions with a considerable dose of FUD are certainly affecting our ICO performance. Many investors choose to limit their investments at this time. However, having been involved in cryptocurrencies for several years now, we’re not worried for crypto’s future and remain confident in the long-term potential of the technology.

On the Horizon

We’re not waiting for the ICO to be over — we’re actively developing the product, working on a number of new features. We’re also developing our team, recruiting data scientists and building a business development team.

Paris-based enthusiasts will be able meet Daneel at Salon des entrepreneurs of Paris — the biggest entrepreneurship event in Paris on February 8th and at “42” on February 12th. This event will be followed by several other important Fintech and startup events that are on our agenda in the upcoming months.

We’re in conversation with key cryptocurrency exchanges to make sure DAN tokens can be widely listed — look out for an official announcement in the next few weeks. Lastly, we’re hard at work developing new relationships to build relevant partnerships with serious AI and cryptocurrency companies.

If you’re interested in contributing to our ICO, visit daneel.io for more information.