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We promised you a web version for seasoned traders and professional investors who need more analytical data and a higher level of comfort for their daily activity. We are in the process of finalizing the latest version, it took us longer than expected because we wanted to add essential features like a fake-news analyzer, a price prediction and whales alerts! We also announce that the mobile app will become free. We decided to target a wider audience that will allow us to improve our visibility and conversions to the pro version.

Our Mobile app breaks free!

You read it well, we have decided to change our subscription strategy, the mobile application becomes free. This will allow us to expand our user base and focus on the conversion to the pro version.

Don’t worry, if you have already paid your monthly or annual subscription with the mobile version, you will automatically benefit from a subscription to the pro web version for the same period. In other words, if you have a mobile app monthly plan, you will continue paying the same amount but for the web pro. So at the end of the day, you guys are the big winners of this change because as early adopters, as long as you renew your subscription, the $6.99/$59 monthly/annually fee will not change as the improvements are made.

This choice is also rooted in our desire to boost our DAN token since we have encountered quite a few difficulties in selling our services in DAN, namely legal restrictions in France and the outright ban on cryptocurrencies on the iOS store, which by the way is our biggest source of current revenue. We have decided to focus our efforts on converting purchases to the pro version which will be available in euros and DAN.

Features of the free mobile version

These will not change fundamentally, you will still have access to your favorite newsfeed with the best news of the moment classified by relevance. The insight section will include a daily report on market sentiment and trends. The chatbot part will be abandoned due to the low usage of our users and the maintenance time it requires. However, the chatbot should be included within a next version of our pro web.

The long-awaited web pro

The Daneel pro interface incorporates the features of the mobile version but is way more advanced, hence the need to deploy the interface on larger screens. Through this way, you will have an overview of the market situation at a glance on the Dashboard which will allow you to react quickly and efficiently.

The Dashboard includes the hot news of the day per theme, the global market data including capitalization, Bitcoin dominance, crypto users worldwide, and transactions per 24h. Below these, you will have an overview of the top markets and the volatility. Last but not least, the latest market trends by keywords will not allow you to be dumped, we all know how fast this technological market is evolving.

Extensive newsfeed and fake-news analyzer

The newsfeed remains at the heart of the system: In addition to taking up relevant news, Daneel analyses articles in depth by classifying them by theme and according to their reliability, their direction (fact or opinion), and sentiment.

It also makes it possible to report potential fake-news thanks to advanced machine learning algorithms capable of cross-checking revealing behaviors in the sharing of information that may be accompanied by market manipulation. You just have to copy/paste the article link in the search bar and click on analysis. Daneel will give you a score about the reliability, the objectivity, risk and diffusion score, and the sentiment of the news.

Daneel draws attention to the objectivity of the article, the reliability of the source or the speed at which the news spreads. Daneel analyzes the lexical scope of each current article to identify the level of complexity, the subjectivity of the content (author’s opinion or facts), and the positive or negative feeling of the information.

According to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), fakes news circulate six times faster than real information on Twitter. This is why Daneel will consider the speed of propagation of information on social networks and the reliability of sources that talk about the same subject (influencers, generalist and specialized press).

Comprehensive data analysis

The pro version draws up a data sheet per cryptocurrency including a graph of the evolution of prices, a graph of the evolution of the feeling over the week, a table showing the number of articles taken back by Daneel. This will allow having a rather faithful overview of the activity of a cryptocurrency and the corresponding newsfeed filtered according to the particular cryptocurrency. Data on social networks are now available too and provides a global view of trust on social networks.

The insights and sentiment section are gathering qualitative data for the users. The sentiment is shown per cryptocurrency and filtered by source (Press, Twitter and Reddit).

Price prediction

We left this feature aside for a while because we considered that our algorithms were not yet optimal enough. But behind the scenes, we have continued to improve the system to better serve you! The launch of our pro version is therefore an ideal time to discover this incredible indicator that will allow you to predict the price of bitcoin up to 6 hours with 90% back-tested reliability! Of course, it goes without saying that an indicator remains an indicator, so you must use it intelligently and always have a good money management to avoid heavy losses. Indeed, our prediction system is based on price history, if the market adopts an unprecedented behavior, it is impossible for an AI to predict exactly what will happen. It is therefore preferable to include this indicator in an overall strategy.

A more exhaustive article will focus on this incredible feature. The whales alert will also be described in details in another article. We will also announce Daneel compatible on AppleWatch in another article ;).

Daneel Assistant

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Crypto Market Data Monitoring: https://daneel.io

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