Daneel is learning…

Hi Daneeler’s !

Daneel is growing so fast, the technical team is running their full potential in order to develop and enhance Daneel, for the release by Q4.

Our CTO says: “We are working very hard to make Daneel become an everyday reality. In a few days, Daneel will be able to give basic information for more than 1600 cryptocurrencies and their projects. Containing detailed descriptions, whitepapers and all analysis and scores calculated by our A.I system.”

In the meantime, we would like to involve you in the development of Daneel. As you will see in the link below, you can now submit all questions you want and need to ask Daneel on topics that you find relevant. Please keep in mind to submit one question at a time and keep it short and understandable.

For the project to be moving forward even stronger, we want to involve you in the development of the product. So that you, our community, can directly suggest, support and see the progress of it. Afterall, the community is what drives us everyday! Thank you!

At the same time, we also offer you a small brainstorming video between the technical team, the Core team and few advisors including Jonathan Fianu from PredictX, Will Bryant from American Express who is a new advisor by the way, and Steve Vansimpsen from Block 52. A great moment for Daneel’s future. And it might inspire you to more…

Watch the video now!

To participate and help build Daneel, you can now do so in the simplest and easiest way. Click on the following link and fill in the requested information, as in your questions of importance, that you’d like Daneel to be able to provide you with.


Daneel’s Team

Stay tuned guys:

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