Event report: Blockchain, Crypto, AI conference in Paris

Top left: Vidal Chriqui (BTU Managing Director and Daneel Advisor) and Joseph Bedminster (Daneel’s founder and CEO). Top right: Adrien Henni (EWDN chief editor). Bottom right: Pierre Fertout (Daneel Advisor), Joseph Bedminster and Harold Kinet (Daneel’s communications Director)

Last week we attended the “Blockchain, Crypto, A.I.” conference in Paris, organized by our friends from EWDN (East-West Digital News Agency). The event was dedicated to the Blockchain technology in Eastern Europe. Many startups were there to present their amazing project and ICOs, with notable participants including:

Booking Token Unit Protocol (BTU): represented by our new advisor Vidal Chriqui, the BTU is a decentralized online booking protocol.
Cryptorobotics: is a one-stop-shop trade terminal for cryptocurrency exchanges
AB-Chain: proposes advertising enhanced by blockchain and AI technologies
Jean-Michel Billaut: founder of the “Atelier Paribas”, he is also a french figure of the Internet.
Moneyrebel: it brings together crypto-skilled advisors and newcomers who want to explore the world of crypto.

Daneel’s CEO, Joseph Bedminster, spoke about his experience of starting a business in Estonia and all the legal aspects related to the launch of an ICO. His case sparked the curiosity of many participants leading to a very beneficial networking. We had many rewarding discussions with AI experts, blockchain advertising companies and potential partners interested in the integration of our service.

As our next step, we have a concrete action plan to improve our visibility by collaborating with communication agencies and by reaching new markets through partnerships. We highly recommend you to stay up to date and connect with us through our different channels, but also by signing up for our forthcoming monthly newsletter by creating your account on daneel.io. The best is yet to come!

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