Listing on Bancor and

Let’s follow up with good news about exchanges. We are pleased to announce that the DAN will be listed on Bancor starting from May 14th and on the Hong Kong based exchange FUBT — listing date to be defined. These new exchanges will continue to bring awareness to DAN and grow our community.

We have seen you guys talking about Bancor so many times that we sent a request to get listed on it and finally we received a positive response from them.

For those who don’t know what is Bancor, please read this awesome article on Steemit: “So, what is bancor: it is a protocol enables anyone to create a new type of crypto currency and these currencies will be called smart token. This smart token can hold and trade with other crypto currencies, which will allow it to serve as its own market maker, automatically discovering its own price and providing liquidity to other crypto currencies hence, removing the need for 3rd parties such as an exchange or a middleman in crypto currency trades. Every smart token is always liquid at some price.”

One more things guys, watch this teaser from the product video coming later this week:

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