New partnership announcement: Daneel and Amon team up to share AI skills and visions

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Amon, a Fintech crypto company revolutionizing everyday crypto spending.

Amon is an everyday cryptocurrency debit card for everyone. It has a powerful multicurrency crypto wallet and a state-of-the art artificial intelligence system, to provide the best value to the crypto holder in everyday purchases.

Amon Card solves two major problems with crypto spending:

(1) Real-time conversion.

(2) Dealing with crypto volatility via the Amon AI System (AAIS).

Amon AI system aims at supporting crypto users through mitigating volatility. With the first release, Amon AI will calculate the best performing cryptocurrency and select the one with best value at the time of the purchase, allowing user to save money.

The Amon AI system is still evolving — its next release will consider additional variables, such as cryptocurrencies volatility, historical data, news and market changes that will support users in their decision-making at the time of the purchase.

You can find out more about Amon revolution on

Daneel and Amon share the same philosophy: bringing AI into the cryptocurrency world to make managing and investing simple, secure and convenient for everyone.

Daneel helps you to be informed with the most reliable news and market emotion analysis, to earn more and better manage your crypto, while Amon will help you spend your crypto more thoughtfully and make your money go further.

Both want to assist you in your daily interactions with cryptocurrency and reduce the uncertainty and volatility thanks to powerful AI and successful algorithms.

Amon and Daneel started to work together to explore how both AI systems could benefit from each other, and we are very excited by the outcomes that might arise!

Amon Private ICO will start on March 1st 2018 at 9 am UTC. Only the people registered for the whitelist will be able to contribute (and receive 25% AMN bonus and a Free Amon Gold Card).

Amon Public ICO will start on March 4th and last until April 4th.