New Senior Blockchain Advisor is joining the team: Vidal Chriqui

We told you that we were already in discussion with major advisors in the crypto sphere and fintech. Indeed, like we foreshadowed it, we are welcoming an imminent french Blockchain advisor: Vidal Chriqui — Managing Director at BTU protocol and ERC-808 inventor.

This will open new potential partnerships, as Vidal Chriqui is involved in many Blockchain projects. He first specialized in BigData and distributed systems which led him to work on Bitcoin and Ethereum, showing a strong expertise in micropayment channels. As a regular speaker at blockchain conferences, Vidal is well known as a technical advisor to successful token sales (>50M€), contributing to smart contracts writing or review, white paper writing and token economics design. He is also the inventor of a new Ethereum-based token: the BTU protocol which is being standardized as ERC-808 and requires the use of the Ethereum-based BTU token. The main purposes of the BTU Token are to empower decentralized bookings and facilitates the reservation process between resource providers, bookers, and booking applications.

We are happy to count Vidal among our advisors, he will be of great help to bring Daneel as the most competitive A.I. in the crypto space!

For more information about the BTU protocol please visit the official website.

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