Product Release Dates, New Logo and meeting with AMF (French Financial Authority)

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Sep 10, 2018 · 3 min read

Product Release Dates & Full Roadmap

Yes, it’s been a long wait. But now that Daneel is entering its final stage, the ears of our loyal community are starting to perk up. The reality is, that Daneel could not have been achieved without all of your support and for that, we would like to thank you!

The biggest news for the next months is launching our Beta version in the Apple AppStore and the Android PlayStore. After rigorous alpha-testing starting September 15 of our team comprised of advisors, ambassadors, and partners, we will be releasing our app to preliminary users who are already registered to be beta-testers on October 15 (interested? Click on the button right below). We anticipate releasing the app to everyone else December 1st.

There are still many steps to take before we achieve the standard that we hope to provide so our launch needs to be staggered. We plan to make Daneel ‘’parfait’’ — not just polished. This is why we are diving the development into two separate phases: The first will be focused on the ‘’educational trading phase’’ to acquire newcomers, and then it will be focused on the wallet aggregator, easy buy and sell and exchange APIs for the professional traders.

We will publish a complete article with the full product roadmap and details, which we hope will make you salivate! In the meantime, you can check the development roadmap on our Github.


Introducing Our New Logo

As some of you have noticed, we have introduced our new logo several times during our last communications. We wanted you to adore it unconsciously before officially introducing it to you (sneaky eh?).

We invite you to read this article from Medium to learn more about this choice and the meaning behind it.

Exhibiting at London Blockchain World Summit

We are exhibiting for the first time at a trade show, at the Blockchain World Summit in London! We are very excited to present our solution with an alpha product demo during the show. We will present Daneel’s capabilities at this stage of development to potential investors but also to social influencers, entrepreneurs and all the curious people we will meet during the show. Come say Hi Daneel!

AMF and Daneel meet

Today we are in Paris to meet with the AMF (French Financial Markets Authority) and discuss the legal framework for cryptocurrency in France and Europe. It is also an opportunity to present our solution and bring even more legitimacy to our project. We also have a meeting with the BPI, a public investment and business development bank. Great things should come out of this day! Stay tuned guys:

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