Project Update #2 — Listing on CoinMarketCap

You’ve been waiting for this for a long time, we’re finally listed on CoinMarketCap(CMC)! The volume quickly reached $100k, which allowed us to reiterate our request for listing on CMC. As soon as the listing was effective, the price goes up by more than 900%, reaching today about $0,44 ! The volume has now reached more than $2,4M and is still increasing.

This is another step forward. We continue to do our best to list the DAN on other exchanges, now that we are on CMC, that should open doors for us!

We can already announce that the DAN will be listed on Monday, April 30th on Forkdelta. Our new trading volume allow us to start the discussion with many top exchanges for further listing. We cannot disclose any details at this time as it is under NDA. We will keep you updated.

Last Thursday, we participated in the Blockchain Summit in Frankfurt — Germany — which is one of the leading event dedicated to the Blockchain technology in Europe. This event was an opportunity to meet our mates from CryptoRobotics. We talked about our common future regarding the product integration and the communication plan. CryptoRobotics is currently running a contest between the Traders and the Holders, to join the game, chat with their bot on Telegram. We also discussed with IBM, our privilegied beta testers for the next months, about Watson and Daneel A.I.

If you are already following us on our social networks, you probably saw some pictures of our team at Station F, the biggest startup campus in the world based in Paris. From now on, Daneel will have an office there. We did 2 short videos during this day at Station F: one on the team and a teaser on the product. We will publish it in the next few days. Meanwhile, join us on our networks and stay tuned guys !