A family endowment! brb, researching this for the rest of the day.
L. Luna

Haha. I don’t know if that is a real term. I was just thinking that universities have endowments, etc., so why shouldn’t my family? It’s just my husband and I. We are childfree by choice. I want to ensure that we can take care of ourselves financially in our old age, hence the “endowment,” but I’ve been also thinking about generational wealth. My family has traditionally been generationally poor and financially illiterate. I was able to break the cycle mostly because I went to college and was lucky enough to be able to hang out with some rich people to see how they did things. Sooooo differently from my not wealthy family. That was a real education. I also started to think about legacy, etc. What if my endowment can help future generations of my family to go to college or start a business or leave the country and live in another place for several years? I have done all of these, and I want the youngsters in my family to have the same benefits. I would love to hear how others have broken the cycle and how they figure out ways to provide a legacy. Great post!

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