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Once again the one sided it’s all the Jews fault, people determined to steal Arab land…But the indigenous Americans may envy the Jews for taking back the land that was originally taken from them. The writer, although delving into the history of the conflict, ignores some key facts: The head of the Arab world at the time of the Balfour Declaration, the Sharif of Mecca, approved of a Jewish refuge in Palestine. This resulted in the little known Faisal-Weissman Pact, which stipulated the Arabs would welcome the Zionist homeland as long as Europe didn’t carve up the region.

So once again the European powers were at the root of the trouble in the region. Once the Roman Empire began to dissolve, Jews moved back into Jerusalem en mass. But then came the Europeans who wiped them out again.

In 1920 the Arab-Jewish violence began tragically when 6 Jews were killed as a protest against European meddling in the region. Since then 170,000 Jews and Arabs have been killed in all their conflicts. Compare this to 450,000 killed in less than 6 years of war in Syria and Iraq.

The writer also fails to mention the 700,000 Arabic Jews expelled from Arab nations where they had lived for generations. But, they were taken in by their Israeli brothers. Compare that to the treatment given Palestinian refugees…placed in permanent camps and under an insidious Arab League mandate, their children and grand children have been denied citizenship in those countries…any day you will be going back to Palestine…dream on.

In the Israeli statehood declaration, which anyone can read, there is a call for Arabs to work in peace with Jews in building Israel. They chose war and lost. Or I should say five Arab nations chose war and lost, dragging the Palestinians with them in defeat.

The Jews have come home and Israel has become a mini super power, a modern day Carthage….Live with it.

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