New in Basecamp 3: Project Templates
Scott Upton

Thanks! Features we’d love to see:
-For “relative” dates — have the ability to define a starting date and then work relative to that start date (e.g. a proj that you know always starts monthly you could initiate it to start Nov one and would have relative weekly tasks assigned throughout the month(s)). The same could be said for the ability to define a target or end date and work backwards.

Be able to pre-program task assignments to people
- Relative to the above, define “roles” for projects and then assign people to said roles. EG: Project lead / artist / programmer /assistant etc. This would let teams who complete similar tasks an easy way to reuse templates created by others.

All in all — I am very excited about this change. My only surprise is that when BC3 launched it noted that templates were going to experience a major revamp and… while I’m thankful for this, I wouldn’t call this a major overhaul.

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