Forefathers of the Holiday Economy or Followers of Industry?

(Left) President Abraham Lincoln, 8 November 1863; (Right) President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 21 August 1944.

Tis the season!

(Upper Left Image) An Illustration of a chicken; (Bottom Left Image) An Illustration of animal eggs; (Right Image) 1896 Editorial Cartoon, Cover of Puck Magazine, illustrated by Louis Dalrymple — Shows William McKinley and Mark Hanna about to carve up the presidency at Thanksgiving.

A Snapshot for Understanding the Holiday Economy and Industries’ Influence

(Left Image) 1881 Illustration of “Merry Old Santa Claus,” January 1 edition of Harper’s Weekly; (Top Right Text: “1931 Beverage Brand Gave Santa a Makeover); (Bottom Right Images) 1903 Chromolithograph, “When We All Believe” by Rose O’Neill, for the December issue of Puck Magazine

So What do We the People do Now?



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Danelle M. Brown

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