There’s Gold in those hills!!

Photo by qinghill on Unsplash

You know what’s a trip to think about? The Gold Rush that happened in America in the nineteenth century. To put the time frame in mind, this was in the early days of steam locomotives, steamships. The transcontinental railroad was not completed yet; the United States hadn’t even gone through the Civil War. Yet hungry people came all around the world to grab the precious gold. I wonder how many got fools gold by mistake and lost it all.

In my last post, I revealed my secret; I’m a former car salesman. I have never struck fear into a person until I became a lot lizard, and I’m far from an intimidating guy. Most of my former coworkers and customers agree I look like quite the opposite of a ‘salesman.’ More on that part of my life later, we need need to do some big talk targeting and prospecting.

The last post I connected how closely related a salesman and a marketer are, and what good is. So, we know what good content is, the next question is, who are we sending that too? So we need to ‘pan for gold’ and determine who our content eaters are going to be.

When I wasn’t on the car lot, I was on the phone. Smile and Dial. I had a self-made script, with various questions to ask when I got a hold of someone on the phone.’ I would also use modified forms of these questions in person on the lot.


I didn’t want to saddle myself with a un-qualified customer. ‘How long have you been car hunting? What are you looking for in a car? What do you like about your old one? What don’t you like? What do you plan to do with it? How do you feel about the xyz? Lighter or darker colors?’


the right people

I’m tailoring my pitch to their responses. In marketing, I would be tailoring my content to their likes and interests. If I have created content, I am going to send it to those people that will most likely be interested in it. For example, Customer A is a young college educated woman, got her first car, likes outdoor activities and sitting up high. I’m going to show here a CUV. Not a diesel truck.

Next time you look at your target audience for your content, really sift through it. Don’t just settle for people aged 18–27 year olds. We all have different interests. Don’t try to force people to like your content, that otherwise wouldn’t care. Focus on the people that would. Target tech people if you create technology mostly related to technology, or car articles to people that like cars.

Less is more, sift through your audience and focus on a single group.

Dane Schwaebe is a Social Media Marketer for PunchBold. PunchBold specializes in web design, social media advertising and crafting online presence for their clients.