Your clothes never had it so GOOD! Leading designers agree

Platinum® Shirt Service cleans and brightens shirts at lower water temperatures and without harsh bleaches, significantly reducing shrinking, graying, and fraying over time. As a result customers enjoy whiter, brighter dress shirts without having to replace them as frequently.

We use an enzyme based soap that is pH skin sensitive removing all of the soils and oils without abrading the fibers and without making whites look grey and colors dull. We cook fresh starch each and every day so that you experience consistency every time you allow us to clean and press your shirts.
“Platinum Shirt Service is the perfect way for professionals to save money.”

“Shirts cleaned by us simply look better and last longer!”

Have shirts laundered and finished after each wear to remove damaging soils and keep them looking fresh and new.
Professional shirt laundering and finishing keep your shirts fresh and attractive for a long, long time.
Platinum Shirt Service
• Whiter and brighter shirts.
• Less shrinkage.
• Prevents fraying.
• Excellent soil remover.
• Save money since garments will last longer.
• Other cleaners use harsh alkaline detergents and bleaches that break down the fibers of the garment.

Cleaner, Brighter Shirts Every Time:

The real difference between Platinum and other shirt laundry services isn’t what you see over time; it’s what you see every time. Cleaner, brighter dress shirts. Brilliant whites! Quite simply, your shirts will look good longer and so will you.

The Finishing Process:

Our state-of-the-art finishing equipment was designed to attend to every detail of a shirt. Collars and cuffs are precisely pressed and folded to perfection. The body of the shirt is fit on a body form to create a professional finish that will keep you looking your best all day long.
Your clothes never had it so GOOD! Leading designers agree.
The process we use to clean your clothes is an advanced one only available to a limited number of cleaners. It’s called Sanitone, and it’s preferred by leading clothiers and designers because they trust it to keep their creations looking fabulous.

How is it so special?

Our process doesn’t cut corners where other cleaners do. The soaps and sizings we use are based on advanced technology that’s been refined over many years in Sanitone’s labs. They help us ensure great results like:
• Whiter whites
• More vivid colors
• Gentle on fabrics
• Increase in life of your garment over other processes

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