We’re a pretty crappy writers (but we read a lot of interesting things…).

Did you know that @ElonMusk thinks that, “we’re probably living in some advanced civilization’s virtual reality video game?”

We’re doing so many interesting things at Storm King and moving so fast…

…we’re finding it harder to make time to share our experiences and insights here on Medium and at LinkedIn.

We have a lot of rapid fire thoughts about subjects-we’re thinking of adopting the #tweetstorm format made famous by Marc Andreessen from Andreessen Horowitz.

With this technique, we’ll be looser, more timely, & leverage the thoughts of those more articulate than us.

James Altucher uses a similar writing style-Hopefully, the team’s writing can be half as interesting as his work.

I would guess that the key to a successful #tweetstorm is a large # of engaged followers…

We don’t have that…yet. So, in the meantime, we’ll write in the tweet storm style, but write single posts.

Our first experiment will be a quick hitter with our updated thoughts on the tech start-up scene in #Kigali #Rwanda.

Wish us luck! …we’d greatly appreciate your feedback, as usual Storm King Analytics we’re operating “without a net.”

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