Race, Privilege, and Recall
Emi Young, Akiva Freidlin

For some people so enthralled with everyone else’s “misleading claims” you certainly packed a few in here yourselves! Prove 1 singular speculative thing you’ve stated in this article. Hell, half of your links took me to random sites! One link you’ve used took me to a story about a local little league baseball game!! (It was your “lawful sentence recommended by Monica Lassettre”, if you’d like to try to correct this tripe.)

I’m sorry, but if you want to defend rape culture & the men that embody it, keep on with this. If you’re actually interested in making life better for women in the States, then let judges know that rape is not a game. I challenge the both of you to use your bougie Stanford connections to talk FACE TO FACE with “Jane Doe” (You know, Brock’s victim?) and let her know, in person, why her rape was practically unpunishable in your books of law.

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