Points we agree with Trump on:

  • End moneyed influence in politics
  • Term limits on congress
  • End the TPP and NAFTA
  • End corporate controlled media

Points we will not compromise on:

  • Any rolling back of rights for lgbtq people, blacks, Latinos, Natives, other non-whites, Muslims, Jews, disabled people, and women of all colors.
  • Any exacerbation of climate change. Though blame and effect are so distributed it is hard to notice, it is violence against all of us.
  • Any continued favor towards the wealthy at the expense of the middle and lower class.

We will coil like a snake, ready to act — first by legal routes then in swift, violent self-defense — if these points are violated.

We will be a cocking shotgun in response to white nationalism, as if to say “I’m ready for you, motherfucker.”

We will secure our resources now to provide for ourselves in case of a breakdown in the government.

We will allow ourselves to have uncomfortable conversations and be in uncomfortable positions.

We will continue to remember that the world we live in is different from Novermber 9th on.

We will patrol the streets where and when needed to keep people safe from harassment.

We will acknowledge the news bubble we put ourselves in that created this situation.

We will own up to and repudiate our sarcastic, apathetic, guilt-ridden liberalism.

We will recognize that the only real power and freedom come from ourselves.

We will refuse to wait on the same electoral politics that have failed us.

We will reject any attempt to return to the neoliberal standard.

We will put aside disagreements for the common good.

We will step up to protect each other.

We will take care of ourselves.

We will organize defensively.

We will not guilt each other.

We will confront fear.

We will fight.

We will win.

Peace and

Love and