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If you have a phone, television, car, or a washing machine, it’s likely that you use free or open source software dozens of times before lunch. …

Everyone’s favorite way to use Ethereum applications now comes with a host of new features!

Today, we’re rolling out MetaMask Version 8. This represents a major upgrade to MetaMask and offers a number of new features that no wallet has delivered before.

Unparalleled Privacy Control

Most wallets today either manage a single account, or expose the currently selected user current account to all connected sites — broadly revealing users’ private information.

In MetaMask V8, when you connect to a website, you have the option to select one or more accounts to associate with that website or create a new account just for that site. …

Wait no longer, we are writing to announce the conclusion of MetaMask’s first ever virtual hackathon, our Generalized MetaTransaction Contest, part of GitCoin’s Take Back the Web hackathon.

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We began this contest with the goal of engaging community participation around the formation of a standard that could benefit a wide variety of wallets with the smallest effort on the part of developers and end users, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

We knew this was not an easy task, which is why we posted what was the largest prize for the hackathon. After posting our 20 eth bounty, GitCoin raised the prize by 1000 DAI, bringing the total prize pool to around ~$4500 equivalent at today’s rates. …


Dan Finlay

Decentralized web developer at ConsenSys working on MetaMask, with a background in comedy, writing, and teaching.

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