Realizing I have been quiet here, wanted to let you know you can now catch me waxing philosophical about Star Wars on the Dork Side of the Force website as a contributor! Of course when given a chance to talk about Star Wars, I decide to open with an article about the Star Wars Holiday Special…because why WOULDN’T you? Please go give it a look!

It’s 1982; I am 10, and my brother is going on a trip and my folks are going to watch his daughters for him. To help keep them occupied, he loans us this magical new device called a “Video Cassette Recorder.” We knew VCRs existed, but here was this magical device that allowed you to watch and rewatch movies. We didn’t even have cable at the time. The only problem was the movies he lent us for that week were kids’ movies. Luckily, my dad knew an unsavory character.The neighbor down the street was not just the type of bastard…

The Table

(Story contains adult language, themes, and discussion of self-harm; reader discretion advised.)

Al would have hated his funeral. No, seriously, if there was anything Al Morrison hated while we were stationed and deployed together, it was being called “hero.”

“Jesus fucking Christ,” he’d said once when we’d gotten back from a mission. We were in the motor pool, ‘dash ten’ manuals open to appease the Sergeant, though we could have done post-ops checks on our vehicles by pure muscle memory at that point. …

Finally watched “Get Out.” There’s a thousand things to praise about the direction and writing, but the best thing for me was Jordan Peele pointing out the foundations of racism are envy and jealousy. Really, really an idea well worth turning over in your head for a while.

I received something wonderful this morning: My first rejection notice for my novel from a publisher.

“Dan,” I hear you say, “you’ve forgotten what the word ‘wonderful’ means.” I promise I have not. I’ve been writing most of my life. That audience has generally been a small circle of friends and family, or a few people who happened upon a small collaborative project here or there.

Then, in 2013 I moved forward and self-published a collection of short stories on Amazon, “Draft Distro: Tales of the Past, Present, and Future.” Clunky title, I know, but it summed up the collection…

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