Is AI Really Going To Take Over?

Check out this survey. According to these researchers all human jobs will be replaced and automated in 120 years.

Apparently, robots will also be able to write best seller books by 2049. That sounds preposterous to me!

My brother drives a Tesla. But the other day while I was catching up with him on the phone, the Tesla was driving him.

If you don’t think Tesla utilizes AI to be as efficient as possible, read this.

This is not my brother.

There’s a lot of debate about it, but soon the same will be said for planes. And before you know it, humanoid robots will be exploring space, and human astronauts will be a thing of the past.

But let’s take a step back.


I watched it in real time: The robot searched an email database for only PDF data and transferred it to an excel document. Then the robot logged into online enterprise system autonomously and loaded that data into the system. In turn it proceeded in creating invoice reports.

Lastly it sent confirmation message that the task was complete. It took around 1 minute. Check it out for yourself. It would take a human around 15 minutes to do this.

As cool, robot-y, and futuristic as this sounds, this is not even truly considered artificial intelligence.

This is Robotic Process Automation (RBA), and there is a big debate whether or not it is the same as AI. Some say it is. Some say it is not. I believe there is a degree of difference.

In the term itself — “Robotic Process Automation” — we find the main distinction between RBA and AI; the difference is automation. The robot does exactly what it’s told to do “automatically”, 24/7.

In that sense, RBA is pretty awesome, but it’s still not smart like AI. It’s not intelligent, nor does it have the ability to learn new processes. RBA is rule-based.

But just in context to RBA, you can imagine how robots are going to replace humans in certain ways. I just showed you an example.

Robotic process automation & AI platforms are incredible, but this transition to these automations and the worry of human replacement needs to be handled with care.

5 millions jobs replaced by machine by 2020 doesn’t worry me personally, but it does worry a lot of people!

I referenced a survey among researchers at the beginning of this post stating that jobs would be replaced in 120 years.

In my personal opinion, AI will never fully replace the human (we are in charge), but I like focusing on WHY that is.

Answer: Humans are the creator of the machine and the creative. Humans are the emotion and the teacher. Humans are the capital! Humans can certainly get lazy, but they will never get THAT lazy.

It’s like Willy Wonka said, “We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dreams”.