Cesar Daniel García Rojas.
1er semestre “a”
The little prince


His full name is Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, his born was in Lyon, Francie. He born a 29 of June of 1900 and dead a 31 of July of 1994. Was an aviatorin the days when aviation had few instruments and fly was an work very hard and very difficult. He was too pioneer. His experience in airplane was followed was his inspiration for.


Well it all starts with the story is narrated by Aviator, an adult who finds it difficult to get along with his other. In a solo flight, his aircraft suffered a malfunction and emergency landing in the Sahara Desert, there takes place a meeting with the Prince, a child who comes from another planet, so small that only three volcanoes and a flower dwarf baobabs. The Little Prince asks the flier that will draw a lamb to take to their world. After becoming a friend of the aviator, tells how lonely and melancholy was his life until the arrival of the Flower, a beautiful flower that loves the Prince but who finds it difficult to express with sincerity. Because of doubts about the love of the flower, the Prince leaves his asteroid and runs multiple worlds inhabited by strange characters like the king, the conceited, the drunkard, the lamplighter and a geographer. Finally comes to Earth, where he meets the snake and the fox, which came to establish a very special bond and who learns that “only looks good with your heart, what is essential is invisible to the eye.” At last, the Prince returns to the Sahara Desert, the place in which fell to Earth, to make friends with the Airman and tell his adventures. When the Aviator unable to repair his plane, the Prince is bitten by a snake, as this is the only way she can return to their planet, to care for your flower. The Aviator discovers that while the Prince has managed to take with the picture of the lamb has not been to tie muzzle. So the question remains whether the lamb may or may not eat the flower. Finally, it refers to those who read the book to tell if the Prince will return to Earth.


1. The Prince stressed that the link between friends is one of the most special things in life.

2. It also reminds us that the best that life offers is not materia

3. All friendships are different, but important in its own way.

4. the most valuable thing we can take ownership, are the experiences and opportunities that gives us life.

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