Alcohol & Stubborn Body Fat

Good time to post this on a bank holiday Monday when a lot of us are a little worse for wear :). We know alcohol doesn’t exactly play a part in our fat loss program and I know for a fact a lot of people are thinking about low calorie drinks not having an effect on our body composition. However, other factors are to be considered when on a fat loss program.

Protein Synthesis; Essential for building muscle which we know plays a huge part in long term fat loss. When we drink frequently, we reduce the rate of protein synthesis.

Fat burning; Calories can’t be converted from alcohol so the body needs to use them up. This means that while the body tries to use up empty calories from the bottle of vino, it will store any food taken as fat.

Cortisol; the stress hormone. One of the main issues with holding on to stubborn belly fat as stress can be hard to manage with busy lifestyles. Alcohol will raise cortisol levels for up to 24hours after consumption. Not good!

However we are human so a couple of things to remember when drinking:

  1. Go for red wine over white

2. Forget about sugary cocktails

3. Keep healthy snacks close by. Whatever’s closest will be inhaled so better to give yourself the best possible chance.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps you better understand alcohol and its effects on body fat. Give it a share if you have liked it!

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