Beatles, the

Masako Kamiya

Music band with four players.

On the occasion of the Beatles
 entering the 21st century
 of music distribution via streaming — 
this singular shift brought with it a desire
 (and ability) to hear every song, 
 on every album from 1962 to 1970.

After listening to their oeuvre,
two things were undeniable: 
They played their instruments
with a fierce determined abandon
 in service to their songs. 
And so many of the Beatles songs
 are about love.

So performance and love.
These two aspects have lionized the Beatles.

Mastering a craft.
Pouring every ounce of the soul into it.
Adding that ambiguous chameleon of a word, 
 love, to the story.
It’s a good mix that perhaps is responsible
 for the Beatles legacy…



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