Studio Claude — A Study in Email Newsletters on Mobile

Daily UI Challenge #017 Tangent

I went off on a tangent while brainstorming ideas for Daily UI #017 (Designing an Email Receipt) because I was having a lot of fun ideating my “concept,” Studio Claude, where the email receipt was to be generated. I decided to create an email newsletter as a precursor to designing the email receipt.

Claude Monet, some of whose best artwork showcased a variety of flowers, gave Studio Claude its name. This hypothetical concept is a flower shop that also sells art supplies. It has two locations, one in Astoria in Queens, NY, and one in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. The look and feel of the store in Astoria is reminiscent of Steven Alan’s Home Store.

Steven Alan home store — photo from

In the past five years there has been an increase of storefront collaborations** that I thought this would be a fun idea to conceptualize. The store has a significant presence in the local artist community and holds various events related to flowers and the arts. Artist panels, new product launches, and floral arrangement workshops are just some of the events that happen in this space.

(**Such as: Maketto, which combines a marketplace, clothing store, cafe space, and restaurant in Washington DC; Kith Treats, a cereal bar and shoe store in Manhattan)

The newsletter in different fidelities. Assets from The Line, Vogue, and a Journee email newsletter.

The email newsletter is sent to users who have opted in to receive updates from Studio Claude.

I signed up for the newsletters of and analyzed the websites of Soho Art Materials, DaVinci Artist Supplies, Putnam & Putnam floral designs, and Isari flower studio. I chose these competitors under the assumption that since they have a similar look and feel to my concept, they will have a similar audience as my audience. I also took a look at an email newsletters from Journee for layout and best practices for delivering events information to customers.

Images from Isari, Soho Art Supplies, and Journee email newsletter.

I quickly sketched several possibilities for my email template, and made a wireframe template so that the contents of the newsletter are easily manipulated for future use. When it came time to build the hi-fi mockup, I heavily consulted MailChimp and iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

I plan to prototype the rest of the concept in the upcoming month, so stay tuned for updates on Studio Claude.

Thanks for reading!