Tech workers may not be flying the rebel flag or burning crosses, but they are jacking up rental prices and forcing out communities of color.
Attention, Blue Staters: We Aren’t Off the Hook When It Comes to Racism
Alyssa Oursler

No, they’re not. Decades of stupid NIMBY housing policy and California’s myopic Prop 13 are inflating housing prices, which often disproportionately affects communities of color. (And incidentally, median rents have been flat recently and actually declined by half a percent over the past year.) This is a problem for any desirable city that has suppressed its housing supply, regardless of the dominant industry there.

And beyond that, conflating an industry with an economic class is overly reductive. Is a web developer for a small business (making a 5-digit income) a “tech worker”? Is a lawyer for Apple (making a 6+-digit income) a “tech worker”? Which one is more demonized by the typical blogger/commenter? Which one do you think has more of an effect on the rental market?

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