Candlemaking was one of the first activities I took on when I realized I needed to pay more attention to “self-care.” Burning a candle in my tiny apartment became a ritual for unwinding at the end of a long, cold, and lonely winter day. While we’re leaving winter behind soon, our current circumstances still demand attention from our mental and spiritual health. That’s why I put together this guide, drawing upon my research and personal experience, in the hopes of inspiring you to stay active in caring for yourself and the people around you.

For anyone who has never made…

DFA Summit 2019 Jumping Photo
DFA Summit 2019 Jumping Photo
DFAers are my family! Photo from DFA Summit 2019.

A mid-point reflection on my experience as a Post-Baccalaureate Research Fellowship, re: soulful work, self-efficacy, and pursuing your passion

When I applied for the Design for America Fellowship, I was prepared to sacrifice the pride of having a recognized title out of college in exchange for a learning opportunity in a design education and social impact space. As I handed off studio leadership to the next set of leaders for the joint DFA studio at the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University, I knew that there was so much more that I wanted to accomplish in that field…

Sutherland Labs: located on Spear Street next to Google, Gap, and the Oakland Bay Bridge.

Behind-the-scenes at the 5-year-old innovation lab for a global digital transformation company

Thursday, March 28, 2019
In my search for design companies in the Bay Area, I discovered
Sutherland Labs and instantly fell in love with their approach: merging research, design, and strategy to innovate with experiences and services. I immediately reached out to John Kolesar for a studio visit.

image credits: iStock photo / TommL

The Brief: Take any type of commuting method — a train, bicycle, bus, car, or even walking, and evaluate, analyze, and improve that experience.

The Solution: an AR Biking Productivity app that levels the playing field for commuters wanting to go eco-friendly without giving up the conveniences of working on the go.

Timeline: 1 week

I’ve always been interested in the dichotomy between offline, “real-world” experiences and the digital world in the cloud. What happens when the two worlds collide and interact? It’s a mixed batch of experiments resulting in both wonders like Google Maps, and horrors like Uber stalkers…

Glory Dang

Human-centered Design // Posted here are ideas that might help the world be a better place. //

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