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An obligatory image with lots of dots to represent lots of precise data — but what we can and should learn from it is typically blurry.

TLDR: Designing metrics that help you make better decisions is hard. In The Times and The Sunday Times newsrooms we have spent a lot of time trying to tackle three particular problems.

  • How do we put metrics into context, so the people who use them can quickly understand if a value is good, bad or neither?
  • How do we account for uncertainty in metrics, so people don’t waste time agonising over insignificant differences?
  • How do we focus on the decisions that people should consider making when confronted with these metrics?

None of these are novel problems, but they are rarely…

See here for our latest post our ongoing adventures with metrics in the newsroom.

At The Times and The Sunday Times, like many publishers, we work hard to try and make it easier for our newsrooms to use data to make better decisions.

However, traditional digital analytics tools have fallen far short in helping us understand how our content is performing on our website and apps. …

Dan Gilbert

Director of Data at News UK — Otherwise family, sci-fi, cosmic disco and data science

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