Mavs or Marvs: MFFL All The Way

Some sprinkle of optimism from a major pessimist

Let’s get right into it.

The Mavs are struggling right now. There is no other way of putting it. Haymakers after haymakers, knockouts after knockouts, this team is barely standing, barely breathing at that lonely corner. They’re getting blitzed in literally EVERY FIRST FREAKIN’ QUARTER (except for one) and in extension, in almost every game. Almost. They’re being out-muscled, out-hustled, and basically outplayed. The record shows it. The rioting Mavs’ twitter shows it. Heck, even the I-will-not-ever-touch-that-cancerous-facebook-group Mavs Nation shows it. This Dallas Mavericks team is just bad. Plain and simple.

But hey, I mentioned some optimism, right?

1. The Wonder Boy, Luka Doncic

My son, my hopes and dreams. First of, this kid’s been nothing but impressive this season. And that’s an understatement. Luka has been the most consistent Maverick so far. He has had his fair share of mistakes and turnovers, but the pros massively outweigh the cons. He’s that good. I gotta admit he is way better than I initially expected. From dazzling passes to step back swishes, he’s bringing the package every single night. To simply put, Luka is a walking must-see TV. After 2 years of err, organic tanking, he’s been a breath of fresh air. A fresh, fresh air. And that’s nothing short of delightful. (Luka Doncic, babyyyyyy!!!)

2. Is that DSJ’s musiiiiiiiic?

Before anything else, yes. Yes, I hear ya. He has not exactly been the model of consistency this season. Couple of head-scratchers every now and then. Unforced turnovers left and right. And oh, some wild drives bonanza every game. But oh, optimism. Dennis is good. He’s still pretty much raw but you can see the potential there. A few shot and form tweaks here and there will be lovely. Supreme athleticism mixed with some jaw-dropping skills — woo boy. When he’s engaged, he can score at will, he can carry the team on his back, and he can take over the damn game. Like Doncic, he is also a flying must-see TV. Consistency and focus will come around. The kid’s special and I’m glad he is on the team. Can’t stress that enough.

3. Woo boy, the Vets

The resident robot, Harrison Barnes has been nothing consistent, in his couple here with Dallas. He’s a baller. He grinds in every single game. He earns every single penny the organization pays him. I like him. He has reached the point wherein putting him in iso after a horrible possession IS still somewhat a positive possession. Harrison IS the man.

Moving on.

*checks list*


Hmm, Wes. Wes Matthews. Wesley freakin’ Matthews. The gift that keeps on giving. I’m gonna put this out there, I like Wes. Off the court Wesley that is. He is a “for the culture” type of player. He has been a great mentor for the young players and a rock solid locker room presence. On the court though… umm, that is where things get interesting. You like him to shoot 3s and play tough D. You like him to bring toughness every single minute. You like him to do his post-ups every now and then. You DO NOT like him to dribble (TO FREAKIN’ DRIBBLE) and do… anything else, really. Unfortunately, for him, it’s the latter. Dribbling himself into oblivion, self-destructing whilst driving the basketball — that’s his thing. I won’t dig deeeeper but that’s gotta change. It SHOULD change. IT WILL CHANGE. If and when they play within themselves, AND within the system, we are golden. Same goes for Deandre Jordan. They are both pro’s pro. I believe in Rick Carlisle. And most importantly, I believe in both of them.

4. Last, but certainly not the least, Dirk

The hero we do not deserve, the hero we need — now more than ever. The legend himself. Dirk Nowitzki.

The Big German is 2 weeks away from being 2 weeks away. It is going to be a long while before he hits the floor. Patience, young padawan, patience (- Dirk to Luka, probably).

One can argue that he is too old. I get that. However, the common eye test does not do justice on how great and impactful Dirk is (was last season). Any lineup with him last season was just bananas. His shooting is pure and ageless as ever. His gravity is something we took for granted for two decades already. The man was good. The man is still good. I miss that “all-is-right-in-the-world” feeling, and he is the only one who makes me feel that way.

And oh… INSERT LUKA. Woof. (Pick ‘n pops all the day long, baby!!!)


Yes, the Mavs are barely standin’ and barely breathin’. But hey, they STILL ARE standin’ and breathin’. They will fight and claw their way back into relevance. If they’re going down, they’re going down swingin’. That fight — that fight — is all we, us the Dallas faithfuls, need (and some consistency LOL).

And, I’m with them ‘til the very end.

*wipes tears*

(All the way, baby!!!)