How to Be a Guy: My Pop Culture Role Models
Jay Edidin

I have to disagree about Ron Swanson. He has some stupid ideas that get him into trouble, but there’s a lot to like!

  • No hint of misogyny. Loves and respects women (although he struggles with putting them on a pedestal).
  • Not racist.
  • Preaches self-sufficiency — but consistently stands up for and helps his community, and uses his skills to help people.
  • Is able to respect, work with, and dialogue with people who hold radically different viewpoints than he does.
  • Makes room in his life for creative expression (making furniture, Duke Silver).

Ron is sadly insecure in his masculinity, which causes bluster and overcompensation. But I think the stupid is superficial, obscuring and protecting an honest, thoughtful, caring man.

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