HiBTC is a very new trading platform and was launched in early August 2018. As well as the recent general trend of the new area, HiBTC is also a trading destination, namely mining and profit sharing. For those who own the signal from the ground. Although it looks like Ponzi, this is a great way to attract users and improve liquidity. In addition, this model is not only But lets ground It is also beneficial to investors if the floor has a lot of trading volume.

HiBTC has not yet published specific information about its founding team and its headquarters. However, if you read the Terms of Service # 4, you think that this floor was established in Hong Kong due to a mention of the Hong Kong Customs and Finance Department. Assuming that it is true, it is not surprising that most of them are located in this city. In particular, HiBTC claims that they are sponsored by the Ceyuan Digital Assets Foundation and is one of Cybermiles’ business partners. Thus, tokens running on the CMT network tend to be on the ground.

Currently, the class supports only 6 currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, USDT and HIBTC.

What is HIBT?

According to information on the website, HIBT is the only currency issued by HiBTC. In particular, it will be published under the principle. “Mining Trade” invited friends and will stop until it reaches $ 10 billion.

HiBTC Help

HiBTC will share the revenue to HIBT holders at the same time. The owner also has the right to be involved in key decisions and management areas, including new transaction signings, transaction fees … In addition, I also plan to Users can subscribe independently or use all HIBT locks on the rack and enjoy a higher rate than the different rates. The higher the lock time, the higher.

How to distribute tokens:

50%: return transaction fee 
25% token holder : 
5% founding team and business partner : 
2% investor platform : Expanding the market 
now to attract trading money on HiBTC. Launch a variety of incentive schemes. You follow the site and receive attractive gifts offline.

Transaction fee 0.1%. The bill will be refunded using the HIBT token. 
No fee: Minimum amount Loading 0.001 BTC / 10 USDT. 
Withdrawal: 0.0005 BTC / 8 USDT 
Good: Asia is very supportive. 
Dividend Policy: Convert Transaction Fee to HIBT for Holders 
Share with Friends: Invite Friends and Receive HIBT 
Transparency Profit: Improving Web Revenue

The bug
has no information about the team and headquarters. 
Bad trading partners: Currently, there are 6 currencies in only 3 currencies. 
Limit withdrawals: BTC / 20 USD withdrawals can only be withdrawn. 0.002 
Lack of liquidity: Reopened. 
No trading: Losses are large. 
Lack of diversity: There is no trading floor alone and no other products. 
No different: follow the general trend with other layers. Difficult to go the distance.

How to Send HiBTC Support when Problems

For issues such as sending coins to an invalid wallet, losing 2FA or dealing with an error while ordering … you can get help through the live chat box (the “Help” icon) or Telegram, facebook in particular. As a strategic ally of Cybermiles, you can get support from CMT supporters such as Krypital Group, 1000 BTC.


Even with the launch. But folk are encouraged by the Asian community, which may be due to a large fund. Each trading platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. Based on the above analysis, you should study carefully before investing. Especially do not put all the capital into the “basket”

Website: https://www.hibtc.com
Author: Dvmd
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