Empathy, on the other hand, is the ability to understand another person’s feelings even if you’ve never experienced them yourself. To be truly empathetic we have to take a big step back and acknowledge that we’re all human, we’re all flawed, and that life can be difficult. And we have to be willing to accept a little misalignment.
Introducing Samara
Joe Gebbia

I was, just last night, walking around my kitchen trying to boil down the kind of products I want to work on to a single goal. I landed on exactly this word, “Empathy.” Sympathy has the connotation of commiseration or pity, of knowing what another person is going through or feeling. I chose “empathy” for the exact reason listed here. I don’t need to have experienced another person’s life to see and feel their highs and lows. I want to make things that help people understand that their experiences can be analogous to each others, to help them see the world from another’s perspective.

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