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Artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning. The Internet of Things. Big data. Advanced analytics. Blockchain. The cloud. Gone is the era that brought us computers, the internet, and a knowledge economy that allowed us to deliver services remotely, outsource business processes, and dematerialize the entire concept of economic transitions through internet-based payment systems. …

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Content distribution in the 21st century isn’t easy. But the opportunities for growth and innovation in the media & entertainment space are limitless. The globalization of content in recent years has added a variety of factors to consider during post production.

Mastering is traditionally done for different distribution formats like TV censor, airline, or theatrical, in different resolutions (i.e., 1080p, 720p, SD), in varying aspect ratios (i.e., 16:9, 4:3), a multitude of languages, and an assortment of distribution deliverables including broadcast, satellite, cable, discs, VoD, and OTT.

Requirements around these elements vary from region to region. As a result, content creators must produce several different versions of a title if they want to distribute it globally. What the industry not-so-fondly refers to as “versionitis” often leads to disorganization and time-consuming considerations when it comes to managing and delivering content. …

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As founder and CEO of a software company, I’m no stranger to stress. My time is in high demand and by necessity I often must keep long hours, stay up until late into the night working, and generally deal with the intensity of the position. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but all of these factors combined can easily take a toll on my health. That is why I am super passionate about health and wellness — so much so that many members of my team joke that I should have gone into the health/wellness industry instead of tech. Consistent exercise and maintaining a nutrient-dense diet play a big part in my dedication to staying healthy, but one of the most life changing commitments I’ve made has been starting IV vitamin therapy. It has saved me from massive health problems, improved my immune system, and helped me get over the worst flu I’ve ever had. …


Dan Goman

Founder and CEO of OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies.

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