Be Like Ernie!!

My wife told me the crossing guard at her school was retiring as of Friday. His name is Ernie. I don’t know Ernie or how long he has been a crossing guard. What I do know is that he waves at every passing car. It doesn’t matter if you wave back or not, he still waves and has a big smile on his face. No matter the weather. This morning it was raining. I drove by and he still waved, with that big smile on his face. I admit there were some days I didn’t wave back. I did wave back this morning.

I began to wonder if anyone could calculate the number of waves and smiles he has given over the years he has been the crossing guard. I don’t know how many kids he has helped cross the busy street next to the elementary school. I suppose both activities would put the number into the 10’s of thousands.

My wife told me Ernie lost his wife earlier this year. Perhaps this also factored into his decision. I trust Ernie will enjoy his retirement as much as he seemed to enjoy his job. Just from what I have observed, Ernie did everything he could to bring joy to others.

The lesson for today; Be like Ernie!!

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