I have a pen name (shh!)

A few years ago, I wrote my first middle grade (8–12 years old) fiction book. I self-published it under my own name and then spent years working on the second book in the series, finally finishing it last Christmas.

In 2017, I’ve been learning a lot about the current state of book publishing. It’s still pretty absurd to imagine reaching a bigger-than-miniscule audience self-publishing middle grade fiction, but I’ve decided to try it anyhow. I enjoy the control that I have.

As part of my new publishing adventure, I have adopted a pen name 🎉.

Don’t tell anyone, but that’s me

So, why am I telling you here? Because I’ve adopted the pen name not to be all secretive and such, but rather to separate out my middle grade writing from any non-fiction that I have or will publish in the future. From what I’ve heard, this helps the various algorithms on Amazon and elsewhere better show people the right things that may interest them.

If you had seen the older version of The Quests of Underice, you might remember that the cover for that was, shall we say, less attractive than the cover above. My books have a new cover designer, a new editor, and a new interior design that I did.

If (and only if!) you have an interest in middle grade fiction, you can find The Quests of Underice on Amazon. I went to extra effort to also make the book available for order via your local bookstore.

As for the second book in the series that I mentioned at the top: it’s getting asymptotically closer to being ready. I’m shooting for a September 10th release at the Kerrytown BookFest.

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