The sad disappearance of climate change information

Climate Kids… still here for now!

The day before the big climate marches, the EPA announced that they’re removing a bunch of climate-related information from their site. To be fair, this isn’t exactly news. It was just a matter of time, given the “global warming created by and for the Chinese” mentality of the President.

I’m currently working on publishing the second edition of The Quests of Underice and the first edition of its sequel, The Quests of the Lost Jungle. These are middle grade (for 8–12 years of age) fantasy novels that highlight the (imagined, of course) effect of climate change on the magical creatures of the world.

I’ve added author’s notes at the end of the books to talk about the aspects of climate change covered in the story and wanted to include a link to a good resource for kids to learn more. One of the first sites I found was NASA’s Climate Kids which is a nicely designed site. It’s currently still up and unaltered, but I honestly can’t imagine putting a link to that site in my books. What are the odds that it will still be up in a year? 50%?

I have found other sites that cover climate change for kids, but they didn’t seem as appealing at NASA’s. Any suggestions?

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