Unlock The 3 Golden Rules For Successful Landing Pages

A beautiful sign in front of your store may attract a new customer to step in to browse your products, but getting them to buy something is an entirely different story. Similarly, a punchy headline and call-to-action (CTA) button doesn’t ensure a conversion. What is critical for conversion is an effective landing page, also called a ‘lead capture page’.

Here are the golden rules that will help you create exceptional landing pages:

1. Use Complementary Page Headlines and Ad Copy

The wording of your CTA and landing page headline should be complimentary. Ensuring consistency increases the customer’s confidence and trust in the authenticity of your website/company.

Google gives you brownie points for following our first golden rule. Google AdWords cost-per-click score increases by having consistent content between the ad-text and landing page headline. Check out the sample below and see how the phrase “Up To 80% Off” perfectly aligns.

2. Less is More

We are referring to two aspects here.

Firstly, less text on your website leads to more attention on the essential text from the user. The offer should be succinct and convey your service’s or product’s value with minimal text.

Second, internal links connecting the user to various other pages can lead to distraction and reduces the probability of a conversion. Links may work exceptionally well for a regular homepage, but for a landing page, simplicity is key.

Zendesk’s landing page for a free trial is a classic example of the two methods in action. While the design is simple, both the CTA buttons stand out. The form is easy-to-use since all it requires is an email address and password to get started. Moreover, the option to sign in with Google Apps further shortens the conversion path, increasing the probability of generating a lead.

3. Leverage Effective Call-To-Action Button Placement

You have a limited amount of time to convince the visitor to convert. Thus your landing page needs to be simple and focused. Ensure that visitors do not have to scroll down to click the CTA or to fill out the form. Making your CTA stand out as much as possible can significantly increase the number of conversions.

These rules will not just increase conversions, but improve your ad’s user experience as well. While these are the key rules, there is a lot more you can do to make sure you create exceptional landing pages. Don’t wait! Check out the rest of our blog or contact us today.

6 March 2017

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Originally published at www.pureseo.co.nz on March 6, 2017.