Never be off by a node version again 😲…. setup node version manager for Windows.

🤷‍♀️ why bother managing node versions?

Well I’m glad you asked…

Did you go full framework? You never go full framework.

🍨 What’s the best js flavour?

If you’re like me, then embarking on a new side project is often a case of ‘should I use framework special-wings-batman 🦇, or framework flappy-birds-magic 🐥🎩…. ohhh, maybe I should try that new framework, double-unicorns-fantastimal.js 🦄🌈🎉’.

For when you just want to keep it simple and enjoy your vanilla.

Hello darkness my old friend 😎.

Introducing ngx-loadable-component.

Why an Angular loadable component package?

Something Angular handles super well is the ability to code-split and lazy load routes. This is…

An example using git flow — you’ll be cutting code & closing PR’s like a pro in no time 🐱‍👤

Or otherwise known as, I cant believe its not JSON RPC..

Keep that pipeline going with automated end-to-end test runs

Part 1 in a series following the build of my personal portfolio site.

Dan Harris

full-stack dev, grad advocate, beer enthusiast, organiser heapsgood dev beers, co-organiser frontend dev ADL

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