The kids are playing in the yard. Thud thud thud. The cover of the boat-shaped sandbox flexes as they jump on the cover. Lots of laughter.

The low sun at the end of a spring day paints beautiful, long shadows across the lawn. It’s warm on our skin, but gets chilly when the breeze blows.

Days are finally warm enough for the neighbor’s cat to wander out and about.

“Lucy!” Cece yells, full of excitement, as she sees her mosey into our yard.

“Woosee!” Theo echoes. He continues to call her name the entire time she’s with us.

The kids just adore her. They want to pet her every time they see her nearby. She likes to hang out around our yard because we have chipmunks that burrow under our back porch. Some days she stalks, other days she just watches from the sidelines. I’m not sure if she’s ever gotten one, but it’s very likely.

Lucy is the kind of cat you want for your own family. She’s relaxed, calm, friendly, and personable. She loves the attention from the kids, and the kids love giving her attention. We teach them to be gentle, but being children sometimes they can be quite rough. And she doesn’t mind any of it.

They pet her, pick flowers for her, try to hug her. Talking to her the whole time.

“Lucy!” “Woosee!”