Dan Hill
Dan Hill
Aug 31, 2018 · 1 min read

Hi Vivian, thanks for the support and great questions!

  1. Absolutely. Right now we look at the quantifiable outputs of each organization (i.e., you gave this much money, they did this with it). We’re working on the harder question of connecting outputs to outcomes (because they did this, there was this greater sociatol effect). But this is a harder question for sure.
  2. Agreed - charity: water is excellent, there’s a lot to learn from their work.
  3. Totally. I have a friend who’s a lawyer and volunteers. His challenge is the same; understanding what the organization really needs to make sure his skills are a helpful fit.
  4. Sure! Ping me a note at dan at alma.app. Love to meet you!
  5. Cheque is interesting. Not something we’ve thought about, but I wonder if Stripe has a product that could help here?

Thanks! Dan

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