The big news today comes as a leak from an announcement to happen at MWC next week, as Three makes the choice to block mobile advertising network-wide, Europe wide.

From the Telegraph:

It is understood that Three, which runs operators in half a dozen European countries including the UK, will next week announce a deal with Shine, a controversial Israeli technology company that specialises in blocking mobile advertising.

Shine’s investors include Li Ka-shing, the Hong Kong billionaire behind CK Hutchison, the owner of Three.

The partnership will be unveiled on Tuesday at Mobile World Congress, the industry’s annual jamboree in…

Valuing fluidity over defined outputs

The last few weeks has seen a lot of chatter about us agencies, our future, and what we’re doing — even for a January time period usually rife of predictions and statements on the year ahead. (I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen that 2016 is the year of mobile, for what feels like the fifth year in a row.)

The ubiquity of digital, and how that affects our output seems to be the current hot topic — we’ve had agencies drop digital from job titles and the way they package work; rebranding specifically designed to communicate…

We’re measuring things that don’t matter — and then wondering why we aren’t being given bigger opportunities.

Off the back of the future of the digital agency post I wrote, I wanted to delve a little deeper into a few of the specific points and try to give us a way forward — as otherwise it’s just talk. This is the first of a few.

I really feel for the digital analysts who work on my team. No, not because they have to work for me, but because they’re incredibly bright and have a great amount of foresight and insight to offer — which ends up being wasted every time they’re asked to report on the engagement…

We’re in trouble.

Yes, you’ve heard that for ages, and yes, a lot of it is scaremongering, designed to panic people into spending money in something they might not understand.

This isn’t one of those moments. We’re actually in trouble, as digital practitioners, advertisers, and as digital agencies — and that’s a subset of the trouble that the wider advertising industry is in.

The big problem that we face today is one we’ve brought upon ourselves — and one that we don’t want to admit. Digital agencies have spent years convincing clients that they need us and that we can…

Dan Hocking

I like solving problems, except for my own. Canadian ex-pat living in the UK. Business Operations Director at Leo Burnett.

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