Will Three’s mobile advertising ban finally be a wakeup call?

The big news today comes as a leak from an announcement to happen at MWC next week, as Three makes the choice to block mobile advertising network-wide, Europe wide.

From the Telegraph:

It is understood that Three, which runs operators in half a dozen European countries including the UK, will next week announce a deal with Shine, a controversial Israeli technology company that specialises in blocking mobile advertising.
Shine’s investors include Li Ka-shing, the Hong Kong billionaire behind CK Hutchison, the owner of Three.
The partnership will be unveiled on Tuesday at Mobile World Congress, the industry’s annual jamboree in Barcelona, according to sources. Three’s operations in Italy and the UK are closest to implementing Shine’s technology, which can block online advertising on mobile web pages and within publishers’ mobile apps.
It is understood that Three UK will announce that it will begin trials of the system with a small group of customers over the next few months to develop designs for a roll-out across its network.

The article also references that Three believes that advertisers should pay for the data consumed by their ads.

You’re going to hear a lot of noise from the industry bodies and publishers about how this represents tyranny, violates net neutrality, and is creating a bunch of profiteers that will hold advertisers to ransom.

Some of this is certainly valid criticism. But how badly have we screwed things up with mobile advertising that a provider sees the best experience for its customers a complete removal of advertisers? And when are we going to stop doing those things, rather than talking about stopping?