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Two tickets. You will go and pay twice to see a movie we’ve had three trailers — one of which was, in my opinion just run of the mill. The jokes were retreads: The Exorcist joke was old before the FIRST movie came out, man. You’re a writer. You honestly think ‘The power of Patty compels you!’ is as good as ‘What did you DO, Ray?’.

Look, you think James Rolfe’s position has to do with some kind of hateful response to this film — and it’s more ambivalence as a long-time fan of Ghostbusters and closely following the saga of how the third film NEVER came about. I invite you to do a little research over at his website; he has videos talking about rumors of the new movie as they came out, and you can essentially catalog his disappointment in how Hollywood and disputes over participation builds to this point.

I personally thought the foreign market trailer was funnier than the slapdash, ordinary trailer we got — and as of now, I haven’t watched the second official trailer yet…

But unless they say ‘Naaah…just fooling! Leslie Jones actually plays one of the scientists, and Melissa McCarthy is the Transit employee’ — They will have done nothing to make me go: Wow! This is a FRESH concept, a WILD take on the story we all fell in love with long ago.

I don’t hate this film out of hand, I haven’t seen it. But hell, I wouldn’t pledge even ONE ticket to a movie that brought that first trailer to the world as the best foot forward.

The cast is TOO GOOD for the script. The director may have surprises in store — Bridesmaids is too hilarious to expect anything else — but the material and rating make me think this may be full of missed opportunity and weak ass jokes.

Off to watch the second trailer.

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