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Grit, Community, and Meaningful Work/10,000 Hours.

By Dani Hofer | Biokinetics Major and Psychology Minor at Bethel University (St. Paul, Minnesota)

Mike Webster’s body was wheeled into the examination room. Cold. Mangled from his exponentially decreasing health from multiple concussions and years of playing football leading to his death. Later in years he would super glue his teeth in, his solution to his teeth falling out. Herniated discs and a cracked vertebrae from years of football worsened. He was too disoriented to take care of himself. Duct tape around his feet to prevent the bloody cracks from reopening. His forehead “glued” to his frontal bone from…

Dani Hofer

Bethel University, Freshman, Biokinetics major, Pre-PA, Movie enthusiast

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