A helping hand…

We locked eyes like two contestants in the battle round on The Voice, singing in unison, lyric by lyric, watching for the other to crack.

Marie and I stood on a red crash pad delivering an impromptu performance of “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. We were roped into harnesses, waiting for our turn on the indoor climbing wall in New York City.

We were there for her kids, Nicole and Tyler, who were racing each other up the sculpted rock face.

Marie and I were belting out the chorus when our instructor approached. “Hey, are you two sisters?” he asked…


I left New York City six weeks ago to the day. I’m staying alone in my parent’s house in upstate New York, while they isolate in Florida. I’m a city mouse now living in the country, where every bang, creak, chirp, and hum convinces me that my parents are keeping kids in the attic.

Thursday, 4:30 am.

The house alarm is triggered. I jump up in my twin-size bed, startled out of deep sleep — the kind of sleep that leaves sheet wrinkles on my face. I put on my glasses and walked into my parent’s master bedroom half-asleep, punched…

Dani Alpert

Writer |Performer | Body Professional

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