Current Juggling Act

Today epitomised a long week for me, an enjoyable and thought-provoking one nonetheless. The test of today was like none other, this is the current juggling act.

‘What we hope for often is what we don’t expect, but sometimes you have chance appearances that make up for those misrepresented expectations.’

Dressing up in a suit and turning up the uni isn’t the most ideal situation.

Nor is it the one I would’ve wanted this Thursday morning.

But today I had to make an exception.

Unexpectedly last week I got a call for an assessment centre.

Today at 9am was the day.

An even mix of a group activity and an interview.

The group activity was a case study and we had to decide what option was best out of three given.

The advice I was given was that you need to speak your part but you also need to include everyone.

Luckily everyone was vocal.

It wasn’t too much of an issue.

I felt I interrupted one of the guys twice, but he did stop talking for a solid two seconds and then started speaking again.

The interview was very chilled.

But one of the interviewers was so chilled and the other one was stern.

Good cop and bad cop situation.

I think the morning as a whole was okay.

I think I’ll hear in the next two weeks.

When I went to uni, I was stuck on my GIS project.

I had only just been able to keep my eyes open.

Very tired, I managed to make it to the next stage.

Looking at my to-do list for the weekend is very tiresome.

I am taking this evening to support and watch Hussain Manawer at Scala in Kings Cross.

But I think this week has taught me a lot.

To live.

To juggle.

To maintain.

To strive.

We can achieve greatness when it’s easy.

But can we do it all when it’s hard?

Found it difficult this week.

But I mean that’s why growing up is hard.

Not easy.

Nothing is easy.

This is a short blog because I’m about to go into the concert.

I’m excited to let my hair down and enjoy this.

But it’s a struggle sometimes to do everything.

Sometimes need to take a step back.

Current juggling act