Day Flips Switch

Sounds like a rushed headline for a newspaper, but the smallest things peak our interest and help immensely. It’s crazy how one day flips switch.

Fort Worth, TX skyline (July 2018)
‘With no expectations, and actual fear and uneasiness, the day can take you to magical places — if you let it. There’s a strong difference between being upset and fuelling your voice to make change happen.’

I’m still tired.

Still exhausted.

Mentally, more than physically.

But I’m somewhat energised and redefined.

All because of a packed day full of interesting and engaging discussions.

Each with a different purpose.

I did a lot of talking, but I got to listen as much.

I don’t mind sharing but it can be rather tedious when others don’t care too add anything to the conversation.

It was difficult digesting the last few days and trying act and think positively.

But without doing nothing more than continuing determination, there was an immediate switch today.

Jam-packed from 10am to 4:30pm — I loved every minute.

My life only really works where the external viewer sees absolute chaos.

The external chaos may not cause internal chaos.

The internal chaos only happens when I forget to do something and then it snowballs into a horrible mess.

Or when something isn’t planned and hops into the schedule.

My scheduling allows for spontaneity at the right times.

A wholly positive day has created and resurged a sense of self-esteem.

It doesn’t make up for the low felt at the start of the week, but allows me to understand and appreciate the highs and lows.

On a macro-scale, the individual day is pointless.

But the 24 hours that tick by we make incredibly precious and try to elongate.

It depends which way you think.

Neither way is wrong, the perfect medium is a bit of both.

Here’s why.

Caring about the individual day makes your actions more meaningful and allows you to recount them efficiently — as I do with this blog.

Caring about the long term helps you relieve grudges and keep your sanity in more pressurised situtions.

I relax using this blog, playing golf or being offline and working away at different projects.

My relaxation stems from work and my work stems from relaxation.

They are mutually-inclusive.

Today was great.

I met with my supervisor and he approved of my writing style and approach to my dissertation.

That is a big thumbs up because as a daily writer, I find it important to seek the perfect flow for different pieces of work.

This is a rough and ready sort of piece, as with all my blogs, but I wanted to approach the dissertation in a more refined and purposeful way (obviously).

It also means I can ask him more nuanced things rather than structure.

I had a committee meeting with the Society where we started to plan what next semester was looking like and making sure all was in order for the rest of this semester’s events.

We confirmed another speaker by phone call for an upcoming event.

These phone calls are great to build professionalism and understand the niceties of the business world. Something I gained working my first internship.

Next I had a meeting at Campus London.

A lot smaller than I imagined I must admit, but a very intimate and driven working space for start-ups.

I met with a man with a sustainability start-up who we hope to work with the Society and maybe personally too in the future.

The Society submitted a proposal to the Equality & Diversity committee at university and today was the judgement day.

I explained the initiative and how it would benefit the Society and the School of Geography. I got the thumbs up and I couldn’t be more happy.

Finally, I met a friend to help with her new society. Logistics and preparation can be a pain and it’s more than right to help those in need.

It was a packed day.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

It was busy and that’s how I like it.

I need to catch up on some sleep, but don’t we all?

Day flips switch