Home Trio

On this bank holiday Monday, my parents and I took a trip south towards Seaford. Walking, golf and laughs. Appreciate the time as a home trio.

Me, Dad (middle) and Mum (right) at Birling Gap in East Sussex, UK
‘We’re all just getting older. I’ve finally realised that this time is precious and comes around less and less often as I try and pave my path. I enjoy these days.’

A day off for all. No excuses to get out to the seaside and take in the sea breeze.

Living in our polluted city, we often take the coast for granted.

We live on an island after all.

Our lives concentrated on the big cities that we find little time to recharge.

The bank holidays do that for us in the UK.

While the weather is often unpredictable and troublesome, the rain moved out of the way to allow for an overcast yet calm day.

After a drive down to Birling Gap, we walked up the cliff-face and glared at the view.

In the picture above, do you see the bunches of people standing in the foreground?

Do you also see the rope to the right of my Mum’s head?

Well the cliff face was experiencing some harsh weathering and the temporary barrier enforced to stop people from entering dangerous situations.

Of course, the rules didn’t apply to these tourists who had made their way out of the Big Smoke.

We moved swiftly on towards Seaford Head Golf Club.

To get there, we had to overcome a traffic bottleneck due to a single carriageway bridge that crossed an estuary.

Dad suggested a permanent temporary signal to ease the flow. I thought it was one of his more sound ideas today. I assure you, he comes up with weird and wonderful ones during a day out.

The golf course had dried out from yesterday’s rain.

It was green and luscious.

The golf course was perched on top of a cliff and the views were magnificent.

The wind howled and the golf was abysmal.

But that’s why we go twilight, pay less to play crap.

Note: the fact that the wind speed was high was not the direct cause of the bad golf.

The bad golf resulted from not knowing where we were going half the time because it was just a single pole in the fairway. Hit and hope was the theme of the day.

Mum walked alongside and enjoyed the stroll.

On our drive back, Dad became bamboozled by two drivers.

One was a police car who was not on patrol and wanted to pass him, yet that was unknown to us until after the fact.

The other was this petite girl driving a car at extraordinarily high speeds tailing Dad down the motorway.

Strange circumstances tend to follow my Dad and it makes for hilarious journeys.

I didn’t think about much today apart from my dissertation and how much I enjoyed Fort Worth.

As I transcribe more, I want to learn more about the city and similar situations to that.

But today was a good day.

It had all the elements of a classic family affair.

Home trio.